A passion for education and Effective planning

Quality exposure, produces qualified students.

Dream | Plan | Execute

Kamilah J. Perkins. has worked in education and the college and career readiness field for over 18 years. She has worked with many schools and organizations to help students and families bridge the gap from high school to college by developing programming, college tours, career expositions and offering scholarships through the non profit The Village Foundation, that she founded in 2002. 

While many focus on the quantity, more need to assess the quality of programming offered to youth and exposure to new possibilities. Quality exposure produces qualified students.  Contrary to popular beliefs, college and career readiness begin in Pre-K.  Kamilah, can take your idea or challenge and develop a plan for execution and successful outcomes.

Kamilah,  has been an advocate for equity in education for nearly 20 years. This passion comes from her personal experience as a first generation college graduate, a product of the Chicago Public School system that holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Education, and is currently working on doctoral research; assessing the impact of college readiness programs.